Let's Get to Work
There are THREE key elements to
a perfectly designed Digital Signage System.

At Imperatives, Inc we will advise you regarding everything you need to enhance your brand’s image and promote your company. And our team of experts will provide products that can grow with your needs.

#1 - The Software
Command Attention!

Scala Software Solutions:
A dynamic and powerful tool to connect with your audience; Scala provides the unique ability to manage your message, deliver minute-by-minute interactive messaging tailored to location, generate an adaptive network, and mix content from all types of external sources! Scala allows users to tailor their message to the unique needs of any industry.

Customizable digital signage software impacts customers, prospects and employees at the point-of-decision with digital signs and displays.

#2 - The Hardware
"Wow" the Audience!

The Flawless Presentation:
Hardware is one of the three most crucial elements for smooth operation of a digital signage network. The proper hardware ensures a flawless digital presentation.
Working with our recomendations, you can be assured of the highest performance systems with the reliability you’ve come to expect from our products.

#3 - The Infrastructure

Bringing it together!

Hardware and Software must work together. 
This hardware-software relationship will result in an easily scalable product that is cost efficient, durable, and long lasting.

The Infrastructure bridges the gap between the hardware and final project. It is critical to have the correct infrastructure in place for your new digital signage system.