imperatives, inc

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We will advise you and provide products that grows with your needs, scale up as your ambitions expand, andĀ build upon what you already have.

Advertise, Inform and Entertain with Digital Signage.
* Interactive
* Scalable
*  Educational and Entertaining


Manage one screen - or thousands of screens,
centrally, remotely, locally or globally.
Interactive, personalized, real-time messaging
at the right time & right location.

We can provide all you need to start your own channel allowing interaction with your customers and staff.

  * Internet and Intranet
  * Indoors or Outside
  * Retail and Public Venues
  * Small Screens and Large Displays

We have the versatility to design the package for your unique location.

  * Building and Parking Structures
  * Libraries and Dining Halls
  * Schools and Municipalities
  * Large Organizations and Boutiques

Unlimited creative options
thanks to incredible customization features

- Hardware - Software - Installation - Training -