MuniVision is a complete system for creating the content for your own high quality cable television channel. MuniVision can be used to let your residents know about the services you offer, up-to-the-minute announcements, or new policies and procedures.

MuniVision uses exciting, colorful, compelling graphics to announce upcoming meetings and elections, town services, senior services information, snow emergency details, up-to-the-minute schedule changes, weather forecasts, local special events, town budget details, visitor information, and anything else you can think of.  Your use of MuniVision is only limited by your imagination.

MuniVision incorporates technology from the next generation of communication tools which allows you to integrate and control different elements such as text, animations, video, sound, and graphics. Although it is powerful, it is extremely easy to learn and use. MuniVision is designed to guide you through the process of constructing presentations with straightforward functions that are clear and specific. You'll be able to create professional looking television productions almost immediately.

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